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Most of the words and phrases contained in this glossary are of Afrikaans or Dutch origin. Others are acronyms, abbreviations or universal military terms. And others are just SADF slang.

If any explanations don't make sense or are incorrect, let me know.


Acronym for Absent With Out Leave. Almost considered desertion, punishable with DB.

laager, (lager)
Defensive position, a method of arranging vehicles (originally wagons) to form a temporary base.
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Acronym for the country South West Africa - became Namibia after independence

Acronym for South West African People's Organisation.

Acronym for Marxist People's Liberation Army.

Detention Barracks (DB)
Military jail - not a pleasant place, days spent in DB were tacked onto your service as you were considered "non-productive".

Ration pack, dry rations requiring water to consume.

New Items and other unreferenced words and phrases

Acronym for: União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola. (Portuguese) Loose translation : National Union for Total Independence of Angola. Pro-west "rebel" army led by Dr. Jonas Savimbi. Supported by the USA and South Africa.

Stalin Organ
The Russian 122 mm BM-21 Multiple Rocket Systems, also called 'Red Eyes' or 'Rooi Oog"

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