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Southern Africa's Future: Summary.

Colonialism in Southern Africa. The new flag of democratic South Africa
Communism in Southern Africa.
Islam in Southern Africa.

Speakers Corner, London 1985. Arguing with a Communist South African

Colonialism in Southern Africa:

The era of colonialism is over and has been replaced with Maoism or Soviet Socialism structures. With the end of the Cold War, African countries that were involved in proxy wars should have been able to forge ploughshares from rifles, however the communist dogma has prevailed and centralised government destroyed their economies. Researching.....

Communism in Southern Africa:

Communism is still seen as the solution to underdevelopment. Che Guevara is still revered as a hero of liberation in Southern Africa and South America. Nelson Mandela once said of him, "Che Guevara's feats in our continent were of such magnitude that no prison or censorship could hide them from us. Che's life is an inspiration for every human being who loves freedom. We will always honor his memory."

The environmentalists have embraced the communist doctrine as the only way to to save the planet, this quote says it all,"There is no meaningful response to climate change without massive social change. A cap on this and a quota on the other will not do it. Tinker at the edges as we may, we cannot sustain Earth's life-support systems within the present economic system. Capitalism is not sustainable by its very nature." Cuba is still the major agent in expanding their brand of "Socialism". What is Cuba up to?

If you are interested in Communism's strategy past and present to remove the farmers from the land, go to (external link to Africa in Crisis)

Ideas are far more powerful than guns.
We donít let our people have guns.
Why should we let them have ideas?
Joseph Stalin

Islam in Southern Africa:

Mention world propagation of of Islam, Qadaffi (Libya) and Iran supporting Mandela, ANC and UDF connection. For some excellent research on Hamas and other splinter groups by C.J.B le Roux & HW Nel, go to Radical Islamic Fundamentalism in South Africa. An Exploratory Overview.
Note, Dec2004: Since linking to this site by CJB, the site and all references to this paper have been removed! Other sites documenting connections between the ANC, the UDF and radical Islam have been hacked. If you go to the UDF and ANC websites, they have been sanitized and all aggressive and threatening language has been removed. The UDF was disbanded and morphed into PAGAD and Quibla. Their websites promote their community and charitable efforts (see Hamas operation.) Burning the USA flag in Cape Town on 31 August 1998
Also, SA universities are struggling to fill posts in Islamic studies. Moderate Muslims are a target of intimidation. In June 1986, Magoos Bar in Durban had a car-bomb detonated by an ANC operative in his most devastating attack, killed 3 civilians and wounded 73 others. Comrade Robert McBride spent four years on death row, was pardoned by the ANC govt in 1992 and he served two years as a member of Parliament, then began a career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs!

Link to terrorism against USA (Pipe-bomb in Planet Hollywood restaurant in Cape Town on 25 August 1998. This was a prelude to the World Trade Center terrorist attack. South Africa is not insulated from these world events - actually, they are an integral part - as a large number of Muslims have infiltrated the SA parliament and will influence more and more foreign policy in the Southern African arena. 2006, the emboldend Islamists have been encouraged by our lack of resistance

Finally, the history of radical Islamic Fundamentalist development in the Middle East and North Africa have shown that radical Islamic Fundamentalism thrives best in countries where there are little or no democracy, where government is corrupt, autocratic and intolerant to criticism, where there is massive unemployment, widespread poverty, and high levels of crime. South Africa is "a ripe plum ready to fall into the Fundamentalist clutches." When South Africa realises they have a problem, it will be too late. Worldwide war has begun.


World leaders from 1960 to 2002.

Dwight Eisenhower, 1953-1961
John F. Kennedy, 1961-1963
Lyndon Johnson 1963-1969
Richard Nixon 1969-1974
Gerald ford 1974-1977
James Carter 1977-1981
Ronald Reagan 1981-1989
George H. Bush 1989-1993
William J. Clinton 1993-2001
George W. Bush 2001-current

Nikita Krushchev 1953-1964
Leonid Brezhnev 1964-1982
Yuri Andropov 1982-1983
Konstantin Chernenko1984-1985
Mikhail Gorbachev 1985-1991
Boris Yeltsin 1991-1999
Vladimir Putin 2000-current

South Africa:
John B. Vorster 1966-1979
Pieter W. Botha 1979-1989
Frederick W. de Klerk1989-1994
Nelson Mandela 1994-1998
Thabo Mbeki 1998-current

Fidel Castro 1979-current

World Events:
Missile crisis 1962 (October 1962)
JFK assassination 22November1963
Vietnam War 1969-1975 (Us embassy fell on 30April 1975)
Angolan War 1975-1989 (SA involvement)
Afghanistan vs Russia War 1979-1989 (25Dec1979, out 15Feb1989)
PanAm flight 103 bomb detonates in cargo hold over Lockerbie, Scotland on 21 Dec 1988
Berlin Wall comes down November1989 (dissolution of the USSR)
** End of cold war, propagation of Muslim continues without cover of Communism in destabilized regions.
First bombing attempt to destroy the Twin Towers in New york on 23Feb 1993
Khobar Towers bombing in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia on 25June 1996
US Embassy bombs in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salam, Tanzania on 07 August 1998
Planet Hollywood restaurant bomb in Cape Town, SA on 25August 1998
Suicide bombing of warship USS Cole in port of Aden, Yemen 12 Oct 2000
TWA flight 800 is downed off New York - 17July 1996. I still think this was a surface-to-air missile
Destruction of Twin Towers in New York on 11 Sept 2001. (USA leadership realizes that war has been declared, the "War on Terror" officially begins.)


61 Mech motto: "Mobilitate Vincere" - Destruction of the enemy through mobility.