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The Honoris Crux (Cross of Honour):

The Honoris Crux was South Africa's premier gallantry decoration awarded to members of the Defence Force between 1961 and 1991. As I was only in Namibia and Angola in the year 1980, I have only reproduced the pages covering that year's recipients from Ian Uys' book, "Honoris Crux". The book has over 300 stories of courage and sacrifice. If you are interested in purchasing the book, click on (external link to Fortress Books' website)

Extract from

"Cross of Honour",

by Ian Uys

Honoris Crux Gold and the original Honoris Crux Cross of Honour, page 66
Front cover 1980, page 66
Cross of Honour, page 67 Cross of Honour, page 68 Cross of Honour, page 69
1980, page 67 1980, page 68 1980, page 69
Cross of Honour, page 70 Cross of Honour, page 71 (external link to Fortress Books' website)
1980, page 70 1980, page 71 More books by Ian Uys


61 Mech motto: "Mobilitate Vincere" - Destruction of the enemy through mobility.