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Shayne Robinson

Born Bulawayo, Zimbabwe 1958.
American Citizen: April 2000

I am a wife, a mother and a serious, social athlete. If I can?t hold a conversation while working out I am going tooooo fast!!! I believe in moderation in everything, never give up, and there are always more ways than one to get the job done. I try to live well, love much and laugh often.

I have done athletics all my life from a top ballet dancer to university colors for swimming in High School. Sports was compulsory at school growing up so I have tried everything from netball to squash, some things I was really good at , and some things I really sucked at. I looked at that as cross training!!

Running ? started running when I was 29 years old when they needed an athlete to compete in the office relay in South Africa. I was hooked. I used to run like a "duck" ( my husband's comment) but have improved my mechanics, that took years!!! I have completed 11 marathons, including 5 Pikes Peak with 2 being the ascent and descent. Very proud of my 8 hour 13 minute time for the full. Once you hit the 14100 feet high mark and turn to run down, it is like a taste of heaven! You feel like you could run forever. You meet the neatest people running. I have run marathons in Big Sur, Washington, Nashville, L.A, Rome Italy and Chicago.

Cross training- while running I have always cross trained in the gym or on my bike. Had fun doing mini duathlons ( run/bike/run) then mini triathlons (swim/bike/run) always talked my way through the events and most times placed in the top 3 for my age group!

I simply got tired of volunteering and watching Anthony and Ty race so after one of the Grands, bought a bike and just took off, literally. I was 45 years old, you are never too old to learn another sport! Today I am Georgia State BMX Commissioner 2006 and 2007, President of the Peachtree City track for 4 years now, Georgia State Volunteer of the Year for 2006 and still racing. I earned my Letterman jacket in 2005,( I had to be told about that one as I don?t keep up with points and really did not know about the Letterman Jacket) and earned my #6 ranking for 40 and over Ladies Cruiser class 2006/2007. My goals are quite simple to stay on my bike, learn a new skill each year, be a great ambassador for the sport of BMX and have FUN!!!!!! So far so good.

I manage to have a life in between all of this and Anthony, Ty and I love to go snow skiing, surfing and just be beach bums when time allows.

The friends you make either BMXing or running are really wonderful and true. I wouldn't trade my life ( pulled muscles, aches and pains in places I never thought possible) for anything.