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Ty Robinson     Myspace

My name is Ty Robinson. I have been racing for 5 years.

I am currently ranked #1 in the state of Georgia for 13 expert. I have been expert for 2 years. I won the Letterman Jacket for 2005. When I was 10 novice I perfected the Presidents Cup weekend which moved me up to expert class the next day. At the moment I am ranked number 10 nationally going into the Grands in September. I make my mains 90 percent of the time at races.

My favorite type of tracks are the jumping ones and the fast ones. One of my favorite tracks was the one I just raced its called Tarheel, North Carolina. In my spare time I build trails to ride and work on the track with my dad who is a track director and my friends.

Other achievements:
Black Belt in Karate.
Green Belt in Filipino weapons fighting.
Age group winner in 2004 triathlon at Glenloch recreation center.





Photos by Jim Smith @ GeorgiaBMX.com

Thank you Jim!